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The DR3900 is designed to deliver accurate results quickly with Hach’s innovative TNTplus and LCK reagents, which are optimised around:

  • Sample preparation: reduced handling steps, precise dosing
  • Sample analysis: automatic test recognition, expiration date check, etc.
  • Utilisation of the new Truecal software to eliminate lot to lot variation
  • Documentation of results: versatile data management


The DR3900 is a benchtop visible spectrum (320 – 1100 nm), split beam spectrophotometer with over 220 pre-programmed methods optimised for laboratory water analysis. With your daily routine of water analysis in mind, the DR3900 spectrophotometer is optimised for safe processes and accurate results. Control-parameters like Ammonium, COD, Phosphate, Nitrate and many others are easy to perform. The handling of tests and spectrophotometer is well designed to avoid any errors in your water analysis.

This instrument connects to Claros, Hach’s innovative Water Intelligence System, enabling you to seamlessly connect and manage instruments, data, and process – anywhere, anytime. The result is greater confidence in your data and improved efficiency in your operations. To unlock the full potential of Claros, insist on Claros Enabled instruments.

  • Simple Preparation
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Fast execution
  • Customisable


What’s Included?
Adapter A for 1 in. round and 1 cm square cells, matched pair of 1 in. square glass sample cells, light shield, dust cover, printed basic user manual and benchtop power supply with 115 and 230V power cords.



Beam Height:
10 mm
Data logger:
2000 measured values (Result, Date, Time, Sample ID, User ID)
7″ TFT
Display Resolution: WVGA (800 pix x 480 pix)
Display Size: 7 inch (17.8 cm)
Display Type: Colored touch-screen
Enclosure Rating: IP30
Interfaces: USB type A (2), USB type B, Ethernet, RFID module
Light source: Gas-filled Tungsten (visible)
Max. operating humidity: 80%
Max. Storage Humidity: 80%
Operating Conditions: 10 – 40°C
Operating Mode: Transmittance (%), Absorbance and Concentration, Scanning
Optical System: Reference beam, spectral
Photometric Accuracy: 5 mAbs @ 0.0 – 0.5 Abs
Photometric Accuracy 2: 1 % at 0.50 – 2.0 Abs
Photometric Linearity: < 0.5 % – 2 Abs
Photometric Linearity 2: ≤ 0.01 % at >2 Abs with neutral glass at 546 nm
Photometric Measuring Range: ± 3.0 Abs (wavelength range 340 – 900 nm)
Power Requirements: With external power supply
Power requirements (Hz): 50/60 Hz
Power requirements (Voltage): 110 – 240V AC
Power Supply: Benchtop Power Supply
Preprogrammed Methods: > 240
Sample Cell Compatibility: 13 mm round, 16 mm round, 1 cm & 5 cm rectangular, 1″ round, 1″ rectangular
Scanning Speed: > 8 nm/S (in steps of 1 nm)
Source Lamp: Gas-filled Tungsten (visible)
Specific Technology: RFID for easy method update, sample ID and Certificate of Analysis
Spectral Bandwidth: 5 nm ± 1 nm
Storage conditions: -30 – 60 °C
Stray Light: < 0.1 % T at 340 nm with NaNO2
User Programs: 100
Warranty: 12 months
Wavelength Accuracy: ± 1.5 nm (wavelength range 340 – 900 nm)
Wavelength Calibration: Automatic
Wavelength Range: 320 – 1100 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility: ± 0.1 nm
Wavelength Resolution: 1 nm
Wavelength Selection: Automatic, based on method selection
Weight: 4.2 kg

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