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Air Purification

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The new generation MCA® air-cleaner units for maximum air quality.

The new generation units of MCA® meet the highest requirements for protection of patients, visitors and hospital staff in relation to the risk of infections spread through airborne contamination. Especially since the latest developments of flu and tuberculosis MCA® has invested even more in security for air purification and isolation units. As from now, perfect air quality together with the desired pressure difference inside medium- and high care wards, is not a difficult aim anymore.

The MCA® devices are easily installed and functions are selected via a state-of-the-art remote controls. Personnel are provided with optimum support by visual and acoustic signals.

The MCA® units are designed for round-the-clock operation. The efficiency of the MCA® devices has been confirmed by several scientific, medical and clinical studies of which some were published by esteemed, world-wide medical organisations.

Features of MCA® air purification units:

  • mobile for rapid use with immediate results (within 20’ max).
  • quick and easy-to-install (maximum½ day work).
  • choice of high particulate air filters depending on requirements(HEPA12 to ULPA15).
  • filters are always leak tested.
  • remote controls by key switch secures against undesirable external use (security).
  • choice of fan speeds.
  • automatic regulation of desired pressure difference.
  • screen-display with operating data recognition.
  • filter monitoring with alarm function (hygiene security).
  • differential pressure monitoring with alarm function.
  • easily changeable parameters via function keys.
  • backed up by medical and clinical studies.
  • improves infection control.


Centre Hospitalier Universitaire St. Pieter – Brussel, Belgium since 2000
Algemeen Ziekenhuis St. Lucas – Brugge, Belgium since 2002
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire – BRUGMANN since 2008
Algemeen Ziekenhuis Maria Middelares – Sint Niklaas, Belgium since 2000
Azienda Espedaliera S. Croce e Carle – Cuneo, Italia since 2000
Savigliano Hospital – Cuneo, Italia since 2006
Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen – Stuivenberg – Antwerpen, Belgium since 2000
Universitair Ziekenhuis – Gent, Belgium since 2001
SNCB Centre Médical – Mons, Belgium since 2000
Centre de Santé des Fagnes – Chimay, Belgium since 2000
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sart Tilman – Liège, Belgium since 2005
Universitair Ziekenhuis – Antwerpen, Belgium in 2000
VRGT – National Institute for Tuberculosis – Brussels, Belgium since 2005
FARES – Belta Bnet – Brussels, Belgium since 2008
Muhimbili National Hospital – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania since 2005
Dubai Police Clinics – Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2006
Rashid (Maternity) Hospital – Kuwait – Kuwait since 2004
Al Salam Hospital – Kuwait – Kuwait since 2008
Rustom Khatib Fertility Hospital – Beirut – Lebanon since 2007
Ealing Hospital NHS Trust – U.K. since 2007
University Hospital of North Staffordshire – UK since 2008
GATA – Ankara – Turkey since 2008
Uniklinikum Bonn, Kinderkrankenhaus – Bonn, Germany since 2005
Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg – Magdeburg, Germany since 2005
Klinikum Kassel – Kassel, Germany since 2006
Universitätsklinikum – Hamburg Eppendorf, Germany since 2006
Krankenhaus St. Josef-Stift – Celle, Germany since 2007
King Fahed Medical City – Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2008
Bah Mai Hospital – Hanoi – Vietnam since 2006
Al-Amal Hospital – Kuwait depuis 2008
MOH – Kuwait 2009
Clinique Sainte Elisabeth – Namur, Belgique 2009
Imam Khomeini Hospital – Boroujerd, Iran 2009


Fast & Efficient Air Cleaning For Hospital Facilities

PRO – Mobile air purification unit

Room air purification unit
Contaminated air is sucked in via the unit inlet vents, cleaned by the highly efficient particulate air filter and the purified air is returned to the room via the outlet vents.

ISO – Creation of pressure difference

Positive or negative room pressure units
Clean air supplied to the room creates positive pressure (for immune compromised patients). Air extracted from the room creates negative pressure (for infectious patients). Pressure differences up to 20 Pascal can easily be generated. Leak tested filters, airtight devices, one-way airflow and fire-damper tools protect patients, visitors and hospital staff at all times.

PRO – Mobile Air Purification Unit

PRO – Air purification unit for cleaning room air

The Pro air purification unit cleans the air inside the room. The Pro unit is used for the protection of vulnerable (immune-compromised) patients, protection against infectious patients, the elimination of aspergillus during renovation works, and for the upgrading of air quality in operating theatres, ICUs, isolation rooms.

The Pro unit gives immediate results (within 20 minutes max) and once deployed maintains integrity of the air quality at all times.

100 % efficiency against Tuberculosis
100 % efficiency against Influenza Viruses
100 % efficiency against Aspergillosis
100 % efficiency against Sars
100 % efficiency against Varicella / Pox

> 360° uniform air extraction and air supply
> Is able to achieve ISO 5 or ISO 6 level

PRO – Pre-filtration filters on the outside of the unit

Indoor work leads to an increased concentration of aspergillus. In order to protect the high effiency particulate air filter inside the unit during building activities, pre-filtration frames with filters are added to the outside of the device.

The life-time of the high efficiency particulate air filter inside the unit is therefore largely extended. The pre-filters are supplied in packages and are easily changed.

The PRO air purification unit with pressure adapter generates, depending on the way it is installed, a positive or negative relative air pressure in the room. Pressure differences up to 10 Pascal can easily be obtained.

> Filter detection by ID code (filter condition)
> Remote Control by key switch (security)

ISO – Easily Installable Differential Pressure Units

ISO – 1-piece, for positive or negative room pressure

This Isolation Unit is made for installation in suspended or false ceilings, and walls. Can be connected to an existing ventilation system or new tube system. Recommended for installations were the point of extraction and supply are further away from each other. Depending on the installation, positive (for immune-compromised) or negative (for infectious patients) pressure is generated inside the room (easily up to 20 Pascal). Filters used in this Isolation Unit are of HEPA14 or ULPA15 quality, leak tested and airtight secured.

> Automatic differential pressure regulation
> Automatic pressure loss alert

ISO – 2-piece, for positive or negative room pressure

This Isolation Unit is made for installation on walls or windows. Pressure differences up to 20 Pascal are easily generated. Negative pressure is obtained when the filter unit is placed inside the room, and the ventilator unit is placed outside the room. (infectious patients) Positive pressure is obtained when the ventilator unit is placed inside the room and the filter unit is placed outside the room. (immune-compromised patients). Both parts are connected by a tube – through the wall – which contains an air back-pressure flap (standard) and fire damper (optional). Filters used in this Isolation Unit are of HEPA14 or ULPA15 quality, leak tested and airtight secured.

> Filter detection by ID code (filter condition)
> Complies with CDC guidelines (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Remote Controllers

Remote controllers with key switches or with key switches and screen-displays for permanent 100 % security, used with all MedicCleanAir units.

Remote Controller RC100

  • Key switch to select speed
  • Connects directly to the air purification unit or isolation unit / no separate power supply needed.
  • Avoids undesirable external use (only hospital staff)

Can be used with air-filter units:

  • PRO 100, 110, 200i and 210i
  • ISO 100, 120, 200 and 210

Remote Controller RC200

  • Integrated function keys for selecting mode.
  • Constant pressure difference display.
  • Illuminated display for operating data recognition.
  • Key switch for secure functional change.
  • Secure operation by qualified personnel only.
  • Choice of incremental speed option.
  • Setting for required pressure difference (automatic at Step 4 with ISO unit).
  • Choice of filter test duration (for PRO air purification unit at level 4).
  • Alarm function (visual and acoustic) for pressure difference.
  • Alarm function (visual and acoustic) for filter condition.
  • Reset for acoustic alarm function
  • Connects directly to the air purification unit or isolation unit / no separate power supply needed.

Can be used with isolation units:

  • ISO 100, 120, 200 and 210