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The IEC ‘Hodson’ Light Box and Optical Kit has been copied in many countries around the world, but the original is still the best quality and the best value for money. The comprehensive kit of parts permits many experiments in basic optics and colour blending. It is designed to take the rough handling of students and the unique lamp socket holds a 12Vx30W QI lamp. The socket permits one Light Box to be plugged into another so two boxes can run together.

  • The banana plugs on the cables are stackable and moulded to the cable.
  • The lens adjuster cannot be removed by students.
  • The mirrors are efficient and are virtually unbreakable.
  • 3x slit formers provide multiple rays and the sets of 8x colour filters and plates are heat resistant.
  • All parts are available individually including the famous 3 tiered styrene foam storage housing.


The Kit Contains

  • 1x Light Box with adjustable collimating lens for the production of parallel beams and rays together with two swinging mirrors for colour blending.
  • 1x Spare globe 12V.30W Quartz Halogen.
  • 1x Set of 3 double ended slit formers to form rays through single, double, triple and 4 slits. Plus a wide slit for creating spectra and a blank to shut off the light.
  • 1x Set of 8x colour filters: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Cyan, Magenta & Violet.
  • 1x Set of colour plates: same colours as above, but non transparent.
  • 1x Plain mirror on stand
  • 2x Curved mirrors, parabolic and half round.
  • 1x Rectangular acrylic block 75mm x 50mm L x W
  • 1x Half round acrylic block 75mm diam.
  • 1x 45o x 45o x 90o acrylic prism
  • 1x 60o x 60o x 60o acrylic prism
  • 1x 60o x 30o x 90o acrylic prism
  • 1x Bi-concave acrylic lens 7.5cm f/l
  • 2x Bi-convex acrylic lenses. 7.5cm & 3.75cm f/l
  • 1x Experiment book for optics.

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