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 Now with a brand new touchscreen interface, impeccable speed and complete on-board traceability the Soluscope Sprint Endoscope Washer Disinfector is in a class of it’s own.

The revolutionary creation of Soluscope Automatic Endoscope Reprocessors 

Soluscope reprocesses the vast majority of flexible endoscopes available on the market today, including the new era of Full Spectrum endoscopes, such as Fuse. It is a fast, flexible, easy to use and safe solution. With thousands of satisfied operators around Australia and New Zealand today, it’s easy to see why Soluscope has become the favourite endoscope washer disinfector.

How many races has Soluscope won?

Soluscope was one of the first AERs to:

 ✔Offer individual channel monitoring with alarms, this technology ensures all endoscope channels are fully cleaned and disinfected/sterilised during the reprocessing cycle. 
 ✔Offer full cycle leak testing with an alarm. 
 ✔Offer a cycle time of 20 minutes which includes automated cleaning and high level disinfection.
 ✔Offer an automated self disinfection cycle using a second biocide.
 ✔Offer both high level disinfection and sterilisation cycles in 1 machine – Soluscope Series 3 PAA.
 ✔Offer barcode tracking of Endoscopes, Operators, Doctors and Patients.
 ✔Reprocess EUS (ultrasound) endoscopes.
 ✔Ensure the operator correctly loads an endoscope via barcode validation, protecting the nurse and the patient.

Building on this expertise, we are pleased to launch Soluscope Sprint- the latest innovation in endoscope reprocessing including all the above features, and using the proven Peracetic Acid chemistry which is validated for endoscopes from all leading manufacturers including the latest series from Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon and Fuse.

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