TPS is Australia’s leading manufacturer of instrumentation for pH, Redox, Specific Ion, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity and Temperature.

TPS products are suitable for clients in Education, Pathology, General Laboratory, Food Industries, University Research and Resource Industries. Some units combine two or more parameters, providing added versatility and excellent value for money.

From basic handheld units right through to our high performance laboratory and process control models, TPS instruments have a reputation for reliability and accuracy.

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Founded in 1998, ADWA INSTRUMENTS is one of the leading manufacturers of instrumentation to measure pH, Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature for Research and Industry. Headquartered in Szeged, Hungary and with a manufacturing plant in Romania, Europe, ADWA INSTRUMENTS is dedicated through a worldwide distributor network, to provide top class instrumentation and service.

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For 40 years, Adam Equipment has supplied professionals all over the globe with quality balances and scales. In 1972, the company was founded in the United Kingdom by Alan Storey, and through the years has established a network of facilities to streamline manufacturing and distribution of its products. Now, with offices on nearly every continent, the company continues its philosophy of developing and manufacturing balances and scales that offer its customers speed, performance and value.

As a business, Adam Equipment’s continued success and development can be attributed to the skills, dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism of our employees. Adam is always prepared to go that extra mile to solve every customer’s needs. This is evident in our responsive customer service, which is one of our inherent features that bring customers back time and time again.

Weighing scales are used daily in every industry. From waste disposal to developing future medicines the concept of measurement provides value, continuity and equality. Adam is proud to serve these industries and meet their needs every day with reliable scales and balances.

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