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The SOLUSCOPE 3CC PAA is a safe, reliable and hygienic reprocessor of endoscopes. It is also the most effective machine that washes, disinfects (HLD) or STERILISES and dries flexible endoscopes safely after each use rapidly preparing them for use in the next patient or for storage.


Soluscope 3 is the latest generation fully automatic endoscopic reprocessor designed to comply with:

  • The European Standard on washer disinfectors ISO 158883 1-4
  • TGA Certification on Peracetic Acid for HLD (118778) and STERILISATION (122580)
  • TGA Certification as a Washer/Disinfector AND a Washer Steriliser (ARTG 153397)



Dimensions: External open: 1100mm x 800mm x 670mm.

(HxDxW): External closed: 500mm x 800mm x 670mm.

Efficacy: Tuberculocidal, Bactericidal, Fungaicidal, Sporicidal, Viricidal.

Ultrasound Bowl: Large bowl allows ultrasound endoscopes to be reprocessed.

Channel Control: Patented individual volumetric channel control system ensures endoscope is correctly reprocessed. Channel control is active during cleaning, rinsing and disinfection/sterilization phases of reprocessing cycle. Channel control is used to test for Disconnection status and blockages of each channel connected to the machine.

Lid Seal: Staff Safety- Pneumatic Lid seal contains and controls fumes/vapour from escaping during all phases of the reprocessing cycle.

Wash Cycle: Includes dynamic, dedicated wash cycle with air purge down all channels.

Efficacy: HLD- Compliance on cycles 1, 2 & 4. STERILE- compliance on cycle 3 for 3CC-PAA Models.

Time: Contact time 5 minutes, full cycle in 23 minutes

Chemistry: HLD– Low concentration PAA (700ppm) and short contact time (5mins). STERILE– Low concentration PAA (1,400ppm) and short contact time (5mins).

Temperature: 45ºC disinfection, 50°C sterile (concentration microprocessor controlled)

Drying: End of cycle drying phase with bacteria free air.

Cold/Hot Water: Max 499kpa, 10L/min flow rate (4L/minimum) 3/4″ BSP

Alcohol Drying: Cycle 2 includes alcohol at end of HLD cycle to assist drying for storage purposes.

Leak Test: Continuous leak test with automatic monitoring throughout the cylcle ensures full disinfection.

Traceability: Barcode reader and printer is integrated to ensure complete validation process.