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Perth Scientific Pty supply, stock and have access to a range of chemicals, consumables, glassware, reagents, meters and other instrumentation (minor and major).

Perth Scientific is able to supply a comprehensive range of products, not limited to the list below. Please contact our experienced customer service team for advice and more information.

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Alkalinity Kit Fridges Pipetting Aids
Ammeter Fume Cabinet Plastic Bottle
Anatomy model Furnace Plate Reader and Washers
Anemometer Galvanometer Powder Funnel
Autoclave Gel Documetation Systems Power Supply
Balance & Scales Gel Electrophoresis Pump
Battery Glass Bottle Rack Test Tube
Bench Roll / Benchkote Glassware Rapid Stain Kit
Blood Pressure Glassware Washer Reagents
Biological Safety Cabinets Gloves Recirculating Fume Cabinet
Block Heater Grain Moisture Reference Standards
BOD Gram Stain Refractometer
Brix Meter Graticule Refrigerator
Buchner Filter Grinder Retort
Bunsen Burner Haemocytometer Rotary Mixer
Burette Haemoglobin Safety Products
Calibration Mass Heating Mantle Salinity
Centrifuge Histology Salt Meter / Tester
Chemicals Homogeniser Sample Preparation
Chloride Analyser Hotplate Scale
Chromatography / TLC plates HPLC Chemical Scientific Equipment
Chromotography Chemical Humidity Scoop
Chromatography Columns Hybridisation Oven Sealing Film
Chromatography Consumables Hygrometer Shaker
Circulation Chillers Ice Flaker Shaking Incubator
Cleaning Fluid Ice Maker Sieve
Climatic Test Chamber Immersion Thermostat Skeleton
COD Incubator Slides
Cold Light Source Indicator Soil Test Kit
Colony Counter Infra Red Analyser Sonicator
Colorimeter – Basic Ion Meter Spatula
Comparator Test Kit Jar – Plastic / Glass Specific Gravity Hydrometer
Conductivity Meter Jeweller Loupe Specific Ion Meter  / Electrode
Counting Chamber Jug – Plastic / Glass Spectrophotometer
Cover slips Karl Fisher Spin Bar
Crucible Kjeldahl Apparatus Spoon
Cryogenic Tank Koi Aquarium Salt Meter Staining Chemicals
Cuvette Laboratory Equipment / Consumables Staining Jar
Cylinder Head Burette Kit Laboratory Glassware / Plasticware Stand
Data Logger Laboratory Washer Standard
Decontamination Laminar Flow Cabinet Steam Sterilizer
Deionised Water Liquid Handling Robotics Steriliser
Density Meter Litmus Sterility
Desiccator Live Cell Imaging Stirrer
Detergent Logger Stirring Bar
Dewar Flask Loupe Stirring Magnet
Digital Camera Magnetic Stirrer Stopwatches
Disinfection System Magnifier Sulphur Analysis
Disperser Mass Spectrometry Syringe Filter
Disposable Labware Measuring Cylinder Syringe Pump
Disposable Plastic Mechanical Analysers TDS Salinity Meter
Disruptor Melting Point Apparatus Temperature
Dissection Mercury Analyser Test Sieve
Dissolved Oxygen Meter Meteorology Equipment Thermometer
Distillation Microplate Thermoregulator
Distilled Water Microscope Timers
Dosing System Microscope slides Titration
Draining Rack Microscopy Accessories Titrator
Dry Block Heater Microwave Digestion TOC Analyser
EC meter Microwave Muffle Furnace Transilluminator
Electrode Mill Turbidity Meter
Endoscope Cleaner Mixer  Shaker Ultrasonic Bath
Environmental Chamber Moisture Analyser UV light
Environmental Test Chamber Moisture Balance UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
Evaporation Manifold Mortar and Pestle Vacuum Concentrator
Extraction NIR Analyser Vacuum Pump
Eyewash Station Nitrogen  Sulphur Analyser Vapour Pressure Tester
Fibre Optic Light Oven Vet Supplies
Filter Funnel Overhead Stirrer Viscosity
Filter Holder Periodic Table Voltmeter
Filtration Peristaltic Pump Vortex Mixer
Flame Photometer pH Buffer & Standard Water Activity
Flash Point Testers pH Electrode Water Bath
Flask PH Meter Water Purification
Flocculator Phase Contrast Microscope Water Quality
Flow Indicator Photometer Water Still
Freeze Dryer Pipette Water Test Kit
Freezer Pipette Tips Whitlock Paracytometer