Erlab’s innovative Flex Filtration Technology can safely handle liquids, powders or both. It is safe, easy to install and provides the added benefit of low running costs. Add a phenolic resin work surface for high chemical and moisture resistance.
The containment and filtration effectiveness of the Captair Flex make this protective equipment a reliable, economical, flexible and environmentally-friendly solution
ductless fume hoods

  • Adherance to the highest global safety standard for ductless fume hoods – AFNOR NFX 15-211: 2009 as recognized by ANSI Z9.5-2012. This standard guarantees that the emissions concentration at the filter exhaust will always be lower than 1% of the Threshold Limit Value (TLV).
  • Captair provides a published chemical listing with the retention capacity for all filters.  
  • A Certificate of Validation verifying the chemical usage, filter type and filter lifetime.

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Safe storage of  chemicals and elimination of noxious vapors and odours

Captair Store filtered storage cabinets provide an ideal solution for any laboratory where flasks and bottles containing toxic or noxious chemicals pollute the laboratory air and take up valuable bench space.
  • Storage of acids, bases or solvents
  • Continuous filtration of ambient air
  • Adjustable shelves with built-in spill tray
  • Easy segregation of incompatible liquids
  • Clear doors for easy viewing
  • Floor and benchtop models available

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Complete protection for you and your samples
The CaptiarBio PCR workstation features a HEPA H14 filter, stainless steel work surface and a UV light with a timer that provides the proper sterilization to protect your samples from contamination. Raising the sash automatically shuts off the UV lamp when the front shield is opened.
Add a carbon filter with the HEPA filter to guarantee that ultra clean air will flow into the enclosure.
pcr workstation
  • ISO 5 air quality in the enclosure
  • The unique fan design delivers an even air flow to eliminate turbulence.
  • UV light with reflective panels provide decontamination and easy visibility within the enclosure.
  • Digital control panel for continuous monitoring of the ventilation flow rate and audible alarm.
  • UV timer from 1 to 30 minutes.
  • Rear panel ports to accomodate electrical lines.
  • Enclosure is made with synthetic glass (10mm thick) designed to protect the user from harmful UV rays.

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The Pyramid portable glove bag is designed to protect the user during the investigation and transport of biological samples or evidence.
It is a multi-function disposable glove bag made of high-quality transparent PVC. Assembled in a few seconds, it can be used anywhere. The slanted shape of the enclosure provides an ergonomic working position for the user.
Light, mobile and disposable, it is an ideal protection tool which can suit many requirements in the laboratory or in the field.
  •  Open suspicious packages
  • Work in an inert atmosphere
  • Collect samples on location
  • Reveal fingerprints
  • It may also be used to protect people from spattering during biopsies and to perform tasks while sheltered from dust and moisture

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